"Auto sex by color at birth"

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Nine Mile Creek poultry is David or Ann
we have no hired help just us.

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Nine Mile Creek Poultry in west Little Rock, AR 72210 on Lawson Road.
Black Copper Maran;
New line of Black Copper Maran from Texas. We are having no problems with this breed like we did in 2019. Very Dark Eggs. Yah!

Rich Brown Eggs

Marans originated in western placecountry-region France in a town by the same name and are known for one thing- their dark brown eggs. Marans eggs are some of the darkest laid by any chicken. As with all dark brown egg layers, the eggs are the darkest at the beginning of the laying cycle. The eggs will lighten slightly then return to darkest color after a period of rest. Marans do well on free range as they do not cause as much damage through heavy scratching. These birds are fast growers and make a good dual purpose breed. Our breeders contain both feather and non-feather legged birds, your chicks could be either type.

Black Copper Maran
Hatching Eggs available $20.00 Dz. pickup here or + $14.00 S&H
Chicks 1 day old up to 3 weeks old. Available Now!

$12.00 each
6BCMC + S&H $24.00
10BCMC + S&H  
Blue Copper Maran Day old Chicks.
Copper Maran Juveniles between 4 weeks and 8 weeks.
Juveniles 8 weeks plus
 Available now!
100% Accurace on sex by age
$25.00 each

6 BCMJ + S&H $36.00 total $186.00
8 BCMJ + S&H $40.00 total $240.00
click the drop down to slect how many
Juvenile Copper Maran 8 weeks
You may choose all hens or one male.
Just let me know, same price.
Copper Maran Hens We can only ship up to 10 pounds in our box so that means we can only ship 3 to 8 Juveniles in one box depending on how old or how heavy they are. They must be sent I-Day over night,

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Our eggs are shipped with
Two inch foam with 1/2" top and bottom sheet. is the most secure methed of shipping Eggs.