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Blue Copper Maran;
"The Maran World is complex and takes a while to understand"  $20.00 for D-old chicks. If you pick them up hear you save S&H cost. It is always a good idea to communicate with us at present time.  The SECRET to getting these to 3 month.

Rich Brown Eggs but not as dark as Black Copper Maran next page

Marans originated in western placecountry-region France in a town by the same name and are known for one thing- their dark brown eggs. Marans eggs are some of the darkest laid by any chicken. As with all dark brown egg layers, the eggs are the darkest at the beginning of the laying cycle. The eggs will lighten slightly then return to darkest color after a period of rest. Marans do well on free range as they do not cause as much damage through heavy scratching. These birds are fast growers and make a good dual purpose breed. Our breeders contain both feather and non-feather legged birds, your chicks could be either type.

Blue Copper Maran Chicks 4 wks 8 wks $12.00 & $20.00 respectabley.

Our eggs are shipped with
Two inch foam with 1/2" top and bottom sheet. is the most secure methed of shipping Eggs.

First Idea found on Internet.
Good dual purpose bird with excellent flavored meat
Lay nice dark brown eggs but not as dark as the Black Copper
My breeder hens all laid large to jumbo sized eggs                                                     
Good layers in the heat of summer when other birds have stopped. Tolerate the heat well
Males are beautifully colored as are the females.
Breeding Blue to Blue produces 3 chick colors (blue, black and splash mostly Blue), lending color variety to a flock.
Difficult color pattern to breed to the SOP. More culling is necessary compared to established breeds
Blue is a difficult color to breed correctly. Some Blues will be pale, some too dark. Balancing the color requires breeding skill and patience. Not all hens lay the darker eggs. Breeding to SOP plus breeding for dark egg color is difficult
Hens tend to lay in cycles. They will lay well then quit for a month or more before starting again.
Chicks have an attitude unless handled frequently and will carry on (flapping, screaming) when handled. Pullets will settle down once they start to lay. Large straight combs susceptible to freezing in cold climates
Require a higher protein diet than a standard 17% layer, We have not experanced feather picking in this flock.
Slow to mature completely. Some faults may not show up until the bird is over 1 year old
Blue Copper color variety is not yet in the APA Standard so birds shown can only compete for Best of Breed.