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CREAM LEGBAR Auto Sexing Breed;
Average 260 Very Blue Eggs. Please know that all blue egg layers when starting to lay have very blue eggs and get lighter over time then after a rest come back very blue again.
Today May, 4th. 2020 we have 75 female Cream Legbar Chicks. Some 3 weeks old and some 3 days old. I will not take less than $20.00 each.
You may email a list of your mix and match any numer of chicks and I will send you a PayPal invoice by email including your hatch date. No PayPal account necessary use any credit card.  
Cream Legbar Hen: Please Don't go off and buy one ot those skinny long neck Legbars. Get something worth what you pay for right here.

Cream Legbars males are mostly lighter with little or no eye streak. The male is in the middle and most the time have a white spot on the top of the head.

Cream Legbar Very Blue Eggs.
Please keep in mind that the longer hens lay the lighter the eggs become. After a rest they come back very blue again.

Cream Legbar were developed in country-region Britain in the 1930's and are quite popular in the country-region United Kingdom, yet practically unknown in the United States. Eggs are sky blue to pastel green eggs are just one desirable trait about this striking beauty. Auto sexing is when chicks can be sorted just by the different feather patterns in addition to the trait being passed through to the next generation when breeding. Male chicks will have a pale dot on the head and will have little to no eye streaks, however, the female chicks will have a dark brown to black stripe that starts on top of the head and extends down the length of the body.

Cream Legbars are chatty, active, very curious and remarkable foragers. They love to investigate their surroundings. Charming does not even begin to describe this lovable breed. Uniquely, feathered, the Legbar sports a small, slicked back, crest. No matter how small, this breed has huge personality. She'll certainly be the talk of the flock, not only because of her stunning features, but her personable disposition. An ideal backyard pet that will lay a gracious amount of large, fresh and delicious blue to pastel eggs. Our Cream Legbar line is selected from Meyer Hatchery a very reputable thirty year old hatchery.

Crested Cream Legbar Chicks; 1 day old, 4 wks,  8 wks,  $12.00 & $20.00 & $30.00 respectabley plus S&H.

We have two Cream Legbars Roosters Like this and one like the above running in a pin of 20+ Hens. Notice the laced chest and also this line of C-Leg is very large Crested Cream Legbars.
Some one ask me are all your hens Crested. Yes, they are and that is how You know if Your breed is pure.
Our eggs are shipped with
Two inch foam with 1/2" top and bottom sheet. is the most secure methed of shipping Eggs.

*Lays a beautiful sky-blue egg. In 1952 seven Legbar hens in England were monitored for a year.  On the average they each laid 260 eggs.

*All of my chickens are crested.

*It is an autosex breed from day of hatch.

*Great at free range and finding food.

*They roam all day in search of food even though I keep

their feeders full at all times.*

*It is a friendly and intelligent breed.

Lays a Blue Eggs

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Nine Mile Creek Crested Cream Legbar Flock 2018
Nine Mile Creek Chicken Paridice. A good way to provide shade in Summer is Westeria.  . . Roster above is the normal standard color.