"Auto sex by color at birth"     


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Popular color for a hen Easter Egger.
My Easter Egger rooster is more Red than others.
 I will be raising all my flock from this pair. Check back in for pictures of the whole flock.
Easter Egger Males are mostly lighter Females have stripe.

Ester Egger Eggs can vary in color. The longer the hen lays the blue will faid lighter then after a rest will come back Blue again.

The Easter Egger is not actually a breed but are hybrid chickens that carry the blue-egg gene. Because they don't follow a certain standard, these chickens don't always look the same. According to the APA and ABA Standard of Perfection, a chicken is considered an Easter Egger if it doesn't meet a variety description, or breed true at least fifty percent of the time. These chickens originate from the same gene pool as the Araucana and the Americauna, evidenced by the blue eggs and roots tracing back to Chile and the Falklands. As a matter of fact to an untrained eye, it will be almost impossible to distinguish an Americauna from the Easter Eggers. The three breeds said to share the progenitor title for these three are the Colloncas, Quechua, and the Quetro.

Generally docile and friendly in nature, Easter Eggers make great family pets and do well in a backyard environment. They are raised for one purpose only, and that is for their ability to lay four extra-large sized eggs per week in various colors such as blue, green, creamy, or even pink eggs.

A desirable trait with this variety is that the females at birth tend to be lighter than the males. This can make them easier to sex upon hatching. These are autosexing chicks though they can be a bit more challenging to sex than other autosexing breeds.l

The above is the norm but not at Nine Mile Creek. We have the most special Easter Eggers all the same color all very large and lay only Blue eggs. All my hens the same color as the ones pictured above and all my Roosters mostly Red with the same crown cone as the one above.
Easter Egger 1 day old, 4 wks,  8 wks,  $12.00 & $20.00 & $30.00 respectabley plus S&H.

Three inch foam block with holes and 1/2" top and bottom sheet. This is the most secure methed of shipping Eggs.