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English Golden Laced Pumpkin Orpington
We will not be selling this breed again till 2021. Working on improvements.
My Golden Laced Orpingtons
My BIG Rooster Golden Laced Oprington
Chicks at one week

Golden Laced Eggs

My Gold Laced English Orpington pictures at 8 months old 2016: Starting in February 2021 we will make available express shipping 4 to 6 week old chicks any number. Most transit vehicles are warmer than your barn and no wind. At this age and over night if you loose one, we will give partial refund easy with PayPal.

This is the most common of the orpingtons that have been bred with the lacing gene.These birds are first introduced in Germany but have gained popularity due to the striking plumage it displays.
A lovely bright golden base for the lacing and show excellent type and we feel that we have one of the best breeding groups from greenfire hatchery.

A healthy Gold Laced Orpington hen should lay 120 200 eggs per year and achieve a weight of between 8 to 9 lbs and a normal weight of cock bird should achieve a between 9 to 11lbs.

English Golden Laced Orpington:

Sexing Golden Laced Pumpkin Orpington Chicks
If at only 4 weeks it has wattles and red on it's comb it is a rooster. I have one  
only 3 weeks, but he has half the tail feathers as everyone else, and 2x the comb and wattles.
that is what I am looking for this time around...I just lift up their head and look for the wattles.

Vent sexing:
Vent sexing is based on the fact that the hatchling cockerel has a rudimentary sex organ called the "male process" . . . a very small, glossy, transparent bulb that protrudes from amid the second of three cloacal folds inside the cavity. The structure is independent of the surrounding tissues and pokes out almost as far as the vent opening when the border is pushed down far enough for examination. If you're not farsighted, you can see the process with the naked eye. In contrast, the typical female chick has a shallow depression or just a trace of swelling at the same site.

Our eggs are shipped with
Two inch foam with 1/2" top and bottom sheet. is the most secure methed of shipping Eggs.