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Nine Mile Creek poultry is David or Ann
we have no hired help just us.

Email if fun! = NMCpoultry@gmail.com Make up you own order and we will send you a Papal Invoice. You can also pay with a Credit Card on the Invoice or do nothing. Or you can email me back changing your order as many times as you like then pay the last Invoice only. Just delete the others. We will give you a shipping date once you have paid.

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Nine Mile Creek Poultry in west Little Rock, AR 72210 on Lawson Road.
Golden Buff "Auto sex at birth" Now available. Order now for April shipping dates.  
                                         This is a highly sought after breed. By fare our largest sales.
The Best Selling by far Chicken for Eggs and its a Sex Link. This is the TOP seller from most American Hatcheries for Egg production. Taking orders now.
Golden Buff sex-limk Hens

Golden Buff Eggs

Many hateries declare the Sex Link chickens to be there best seller by far. Sex Link chickens have been breed from many different breeders to produce a chick that you can tell the sex by color at birth. Therefore every new sex link combination have been give a different name. Such as Cinnamon Queen, Golden Comet, ISA Brown, Red Sex Link, and Red Star. Nine Mile Creek customers favor this breed for its Quite temperament and  large eggs. Golden Buffs sex link can be clearly seen the day the chick is born by their feather color.

Golden Buff auto sex Chicks 4wks 8 wks $12.00 & $20.00 respectabley.

There are different names for Red Sex Links even though they are the same exact breed. Hatcheries and chicken farms will use different names for Red Sex Links. Here is a list below.
Bovan Brown
Golden Comet
Gold Star
Gold Sex Link
Golden Buff
Hyline Brown
Isa Brown
Red Star