"Auto sex by color at birth"     


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David's Cell or Chicken # 501-231-3039
West Little Rock AR 9 miles west at
2106 E. Lawson Road
1st. house on right past County Line

Nine Mile Creek poultry is David or Ann
we have no hired help just us.

Email if fun! = NMCpoultry@gmail.com Make up you own order and we will send you a Papal Invoice. You can also pay with a Credit Card on the Invoice or do nothing. Or you can email me back changing your order as many times as you like then pay the last Invoice only. Just delete the others. We will give you a shipping date once you have paid.

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Nine Mile Creek Poultry in west Little Rock, AR 72210 on Lawson Road.
Green/Olive Egger: You get two colors to add to your egg basket.
New Breed! "Created hear at Nine Mile Creek Poultry. This is the second year to offer Chicks for sale." A decendant from Cuckoo Maran and Cream Legbar.
Bigger Eggs than Cream Legbars and more eggs!  This line of Green/Olive Eggers lay 200 plus Large eggs per year.  
Hens lay a mix of Green to Olive color. Still working on genitics.
This Hen and Rooster is the standard for Green Eggers.
We only hatch the green ones but Olive still shows up in the next generation.
Olive on top but most are Green.
During 2020 we have found that this Green Egger is a work in progress. Some of the dissidence may not continue to lay Green eggs but a olive or blue egg. So some people conciter this a plus when you 2 or 3 new colors to add to your flock but mostly green eggs.

Auto sexing is 85% accurate by color at day old but will be improved during the next step this Fall. The hens are the lighter ones and males are the darker ones.

GREEN/OLIVE EGGERS 1 day old,  4 wks,  8 wks,  $12.00 & $20.00 & $30.00 respectabley plus S&H. Please call David to place your order?

The Green Eggs are in the Front and the Light Blue Eggs in the Back are Cream Legbars. Then there are Welsummers and Rhode Island Red Eggs
Most Green/Olive Eggers look like the one stright up ^and like the Rooster here ^.

We also put together a flock 2 each of every Breed we carry that all lay medium to large eggs and supply You with a colored egg basket that looks like this.  22 juveniles 6 weeks old for $336.00 or 1 of ever breed we carry for 11 juveniles at 6 weeks for $180.00 please call David to place this order before just driving up? We will give you a date for pick up.