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Welsummer/RhodeIsland mix Hatching Eggs

Below is a list of Chickens
available Next Feb. 2016





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Nine Mile Creek Poultry in west Little Rock, AR 72210 on Lawson Road.
Hatching Eggs available first of February. Starting January every Saturday till July will be hatch day for Local Customers.  There are many Juvenile chicks unadvertised and deals and see our breeders.  Please call first?
Chicken Predators .... it's a WAR!

#1. First we will start with Coons. Yes, There is something you can do. The best is a
"Duke Dog Prove Coon Trap" Ebay =

You are not going to destroy all the coons in your area very soon. This is going to be a two or three year endever. So the first thing is build you chicken dewelings secure stopping coons from digging under and do not use chicken wire. Use half inch hardware cloth.

Prepare to always lock up you chickens at dust or concider a Chicken automatic solor sliding door. Or rope and pully system.

Your tin must go down in the grown 5 to 6 inches.

#2. Hawk Deterent:  
Plant Ceder trees and when they get up 6 feet high cut them in half. The lower limbs will begin to drop the longer they get hugging the grown making a cover and shade for chickens. Also you can plant hedge and keep it cut no higher than 3 foot. Hawks are clumsy in brush. Even a brush pile is a good idea. Sheets of tin on post about 18" high where chickens can run for cover.