You may mix and match any numer of chicks and I will send you a PayPal invoice by email including your hatch date. No PayPal account necessary use your CC.

"Auto sex by color at birth"


Our CONTACT information:
David's Clock Shop
David's Cell 501-231-3039
West Little Rock AR 9 miles west on Lawson Road
1st. house on right past County Line,

Nine Mile Creek poultry is David or Ann
we have no hired help just us.

Email if fun! = Make up you own order and we will send you a Papal Invoice. You can also pay with a Credit Card on the Invoice or do nothing. Or you can email me back changing your order as many times as you like then pay the last Invoice only. Just delete the others. We will give you a shipping date once you have paid.

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Barnyard Mix Baby Chicks start at $3.00 each March 9th. hatch
     No they are not all hens. We expect them to be about 75% hens. Over half of our chicks can be sexed by color at birth so we pick out the roosters and sell the rest. The mix is some of every breed we have listed on this site. Starting at $3.00 each if you come here on (hatch day) March 9th through the end of March. Every week in April the price goes up $1.00 each week till they are gone. By May they are called Juviniles and will be $7.00 each and by June $10.00 each. By then you may pick hens only.
Eggs from Barnyard Mix will look like this
Or this
Brown Eggs basket with some Olive to Green eggs may appear including dark chok copper maran.

Barnyard Mix can be shipped according to the prices above but you will need to call this order in as things change

Listen: this is a much better deal than you would first think.
# 1. I don't have any small egg chickens on this farm. Even the olive and blue eggs are big.
# 2. Many of my breeds can be sexed at birth by color, so we pick out the roosters that day.
# 3. We don't have any chickens that lay less than 200 eggs per. year.
# 4. in April the juvenile Roosters can be picked out and if you do get a rooster you can bring it back for exchange up to 3 months from old from birth. If you miss the 90 day old mark you can still bring it back but no exchange.

20 + EGGS. $36.00 from these breeds
Green to Olive Eggers,  Black Copper Maran, New Hampshire, Golden Laced Whyandotte, Golden Orpington.
"Our Most beautiful chickens"

Call for this order availabilty