You may mix and match any numer of Chicks or Eggs and I will send you a PayPal invoice by email including your hatch date. No PayPal account necessary use your CC.  Just email me your thoughts and I will respond.

"Auto sex by color at birth"

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David's Clock Shop
David's Cell or Chicken # 501-231-3039
West Little Rock AR 9 miles west at
2106 E. Lawson Road
1st. house on right past County Line

Nine Mile Creek poultry is David or Ann
we have no hired help just us.

Email if fun! = Make up you own order and we will send you a Papal Invoice. You can also PAYPAL. Or you can email me back changing your order as many times as you like then pay the last Invoice only. Just delete the others. We will give you a shipping date once you have paid.

Our ministry is shipping preaching DVDs to over 150 countries world wide. Your purchase funds this ministry of publishing the gospel. Currently shipping over a 1000 DVDs a month every year.

Nine Mile Creek Poultry in west Little Rock, AR 72210 on Lawson Road.
We have been very selective in the purchase of our stock to offer you the best most popular high production chicks and hatching eggs expecting
our buyers to boast to others that they have the best of the best. Did you know these last days has become a chicken breeders market again.
2020 order now shipping starts in March - October.
"Mostly we sell Juveniles starting at 6 to 8, weeks old and in the spring 3 month old hens laying now. $16, $20, $25. an $30. respectively." but dependant on the breed. BCM & Cream Legbars normally $5. higher.
"It's a field Trip, Yall come on out and bring all your cousins?"
Best Seller every year
"Large Eggs"
Juviniles available
"Very Dark Brown Eggs"
Juviniles available
Sky Blue eggs
Juviniles available
Juviniles available
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"Largest Eggs"
Chicks Available NowLays eggs equal to

Pastured chickens -- those that are allowed to roam freely and eat grass -- have been shown to lay eggs that are lower in cholesterol and higher in healthy Omega-3 fatty acids than caged chickens or "free range" or chickens that are only allowed to range on dirt.
We sell Pastured Chicken Eggs that range on Grass or what ever they can scratch up.

Juvenile Sexed Birds is any bird I have between the ages of 1 to 3 months. Prices may vary during this growth period.

Yes, you may download a very nice complete King James Bible for FREE.

How does a Chick inside the Egg get Air     highlight and right click ( Go To )

13 things that happen to your body when you eat eggs.

There's a reason people call it the incredible, edible egg. This powerhouse food is a healthy protein option that is versatile enough to be enjoyed at breakfast, lunch and dinner and as a healthy snack. This no-sugar, no-curb food is relatively low in calories and packs quite a filling punch.
If eggs don't rank among your top 10 health food choices, keep reading to check out how eggs benefit your body, and you might be singing a different tune when you're done.

1. Eggs give you a boost of energy. One whole egg contains 6 grams of high-quality protein and only 70 calories. Pair two eggs with a half cup of oatmeal for a low-calorie meal that's filling and balanced.
2. Eggs improve liver function. Each egg contains a healthy dose of choline. a macronutrient, helps increase your metabolism, transports vitamins and minerals and improves liver function.
3. The cholesterol the way you think it does. Remember that rumor that you shouldn't eat whole eggs because they're too fatty? It's false (for most people). According to Health Line, your liver already produces cholesterol. When you eat eggs regularly, your body naturally starts producing less sort of.
4. Eggs increase HDLs (the good cholesterol). High-density lipoproteins commonly referred to as the healthy cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. You can increase the level of HDLs in your body by regularly consuming eggs.
5. Eggs can help the eyeballs. In addition to protein, eggs contain high levels of lute-in and zeaxanthin antioxidants. Studies have shown that these nutrients help build up your retina and reduce the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration.
6. Eggs can help you eat less. Eating eggs for breakfast can help you eat less throughout the day. The high amount of protein places eggs high on the list of satiating foods.
7. Eggs are gluten and curb free. If you can't have gluten or you're on a special diet for diabetes, eggs are a great way to get your protein. It should be noted, though, that some studies show that eggs might increase the risk of heart disease in people with type 2 diabetes.
8. Eggs protect your bones. Eggs have more vitamin D that ever before, and this can help protect your body from osteoporosis.
9. Eggs might reduce your risk of cancer. Choline, that same macronutrient that helps your liver function, might also reduce the risk of breast cancer in women, according to Women's Health. (Note; You'll find choline in the egg yolk, not in the whites. So don't shy away from the whole eggs!
 10. Eat eggs for better muscles. Weightlifters chug protein shakes like they're going out of style because they know protein is essential for faster muscle repair. Nosh on a few eggs after a workout to make muscle building easier on your body.
 11. Eggs are pregnancy-friendly. If the smell and texture of eggs don't make you queasy while you're carrying a little one, keep (pasteurized and completely cooked) eggs a part of your diet Two whole eggs contain 250 milligrams of choline. Doctors recommend that a pregnant and breastfeeding woman consume between 450 to 550 milligrams per day. Choline aids in brain development and helps prevent birth defects.
 12. Healthy hair, jealthy skin.  Eggs contain a B-complex vitamin called biotin. This vitamin helps your body metabolize fats and carbs for energy. As an added plus , biotin can improve your hair, nails and skin!
 13. Brown eggs and white eggs are All Colors of eggs are basically the same.  As a final note, there's no need to worry about whether you should get brown eggs or white eggs or green or yellow. Seriously, Brown eggs come from bigger chickens with red ears. That's the biggest difference.