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Nine Mile Creek poultry is David or Ann
we have no hired help just us.

Email if fun! = NMCpoultry@gmail.com Make up you own order and we will send you a Papal Invoice. You can also pay with a Credit Card on the Invoice or do nothing. Or you can email me back changing your order as many times as you like then pay the last Invoice only. Just delete the others. We will give you a shipping date once you have paid.

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Nine Mile Creek Poultry in west Little Rock, AR 72210 on Lawson Road.
New Hamshire Red  Most hatchery's require payment 2 to 3 months ahead of shipping date.
"Please call before you leave cause if you don't the gate may be locked just about any time." And please bring a box or pet carrer?
New Hamshire Hen
My New Hamshire rooster.
There is something wrong here. Can you guess what it is. You never put day old babies on news paper. Use robber matting shelf role from Wal-Mart. It stops most splayed leg problems.


New Hampshire Red Chickens
Derived from the Rhode Island Red Chicken in the early 20th Century, the New Hampshire Red is a popular dual purpose chicken that will generally lay up to 250 eggs per year. Some attractive qualities of this heavy medium sized bird is its rapid growth, fast feathering, and early maturity make this red a quality and desirable meat bird on top of it's reliable egg laying abilities.

Developed in New England, the New Hampshire Red was made an official breed, distinct from its close relative, in 1935. Like the Rhode Island Red, New Hampshire Red Hens lay large brown eggs that are excellent for human consumption.

New Hampshire Reds grow broody and make great mothers. This breed is also quite hardy during the winter time. They can be competitive and aggressive, but they handle confinement quite well.

New Hampshire 1 day old,  4 wks,  8 wks,  $12.00 & $20.00 & $30.00 respectabley plus S&H. Please call David to place your order?

Standard Weights: Cock: 8 ½  lbs; Hen: 6 ½  lbs; Cockerel: 7 ½  lbs; Pullet: 5 ½  lbs
Skin Color: Yellow
Egg Shell Color: Brown
Use: A dual purpose chicken, selected more for meat production than egg production. Medium heavy in weight, it dresses a nice, plump carcass as either a broiler or a roaster.