Our CONTACT information:
West Little Rock AR 9 miles west on Lawson Road

Nine Mile Creek Cattle is own by;
Jared = 920-3361
Brandon = 773-5341
David = 231-3039

Little Rock Arkansas

Black Angus
Actually we do not own a Bull but all of our Angus cows are artificial inseminated with this Bull seaman. "Coppenhagan"
was sold on 01/26/2020 for $80,000.
Click here to watch video of auction video.
Black Boldies
F-1 Heifer Calf bore Dec. 18th.
Picture above with the calf plus this five cows are our start of cattle farming in central Arkansas.
Our aim is produce Black Angus from the best Sires Seaman Crossbread to produce a F-1
"Black Boldy Supper Cow" the highest cow in demand for 2021. You may have to put a down payment on our hiefer caves when they are born to get them. Start of sales will be April 2023. Expect $2,000.00
Put your name on our list to reserve your pick for 2023. List will be posted when F-1 Caves are available.
Call David's Cell at 231-3039.

Creating F-1 Black Balding Breed with   Seaman from this Herford Bull.
A homozygous polled calving-ease bull that is a maternal brother to the performance sire K C F Bennett Revolution X51 and the young ORIgen sire ILR Smiles, this exciting young sire offers the Number 1 Rib Eye Area EPD available from ORIgen with the lowest Birth Weight EPD, ranking second only to his maternal brother Smiles for Baldy Maternal $ Index and Brahman Influence $ Index.
His dam is a no-miss donor that has produced three natural calves with an average birth ratio of 96, an average weaning ratio of  
111 and an average yearling ratio of 111 with 55 progeny of her scanned that have recorded an average REA ratio of 105.4 with several daughters and sons working in purebred operations across the United States.
His progeny come small at birth with 114 recording an average birth ratio of 95.9 and his first five progeny scanned have an average REA ratio of 103.6 to continue the tradition of his sire and dam that are both leaders for added muscle based upon AHA data with his daughters showing the promise of great maternal power with his sisters and dam earning him a place among the top 10% of the Hereford population for Udder Suspension EPD and Teat size EPD.